Yoga Nature Classes + Offerings

Yoga Nature’s weekly Classes, Personal Sessions, and In-depth Immersions at Brookfield (Brisbane) are held in a simple, peaceful setting surrounded by Nature.

Perfect for the practice of Yoga and meditation!

See below for the Location and Current Timetable for Classes offered at Brookfield – as well as Yoga Nature’s Welcome Pass offer.

As well as teaching Classes and Immersions in Brookfield, Mardi also offers Classes in Kelvin Grove (Brisbane) – plus Live Online Classes + Free Guided Meditations via Zoom – as well as Personal Yoga Sessions, Beginners Courses, Workshops, and In-depth Immersions / Day Retreats in the Brisbane area.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mardi on
0409 660 531 – or via email here.


Yoga Nature’s weekly Classes and Immersions in Brookfield are held in the local area.

If you’re new to Yoga Nature, and thinking of joining these Classes, please contact Mardi on 0409 660 531 – or via email here for more information and address details. Thank you!


There is ample off-street parking.

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Yoga Nature’s Classes and Offerings are open to all seekers of wholistic wellbeing – from curious beginners through to experienced Yogins with an adventurous spirit. 

Choose from weekly Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Classes, ‘Dive Deeper’ Classes, Breath Awareness + Pranayama Sessions and Free Guided Meditations.

Classes are held In-Person at Brookfield + Kelvin Grove (Brisbane), and Live Online via Zoom.

Each class is kept small, to ensure you receive guidance and support. • All Welcome!

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Yoga Nature
Enjoy 3 Classes.

This special Welcome Pass is for those new to Yoga Nature!
Valid for 5 weeks from date of purchase.

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If you have any questions about Yoga Nature’s Classes + Offerings,
please get in touch with me (Mardi) on

0409 660 531– or via email here.

OM Shanti


I also share practical, embodied wisdom + Yogic inspiration for bringing Yoga to Life – via Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud. 

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WELCOME TO YOGA NATURE! I’m passionate about helping people reconnect with their essential Nature and the vibrant Source of Wellbeing, in ways that are grounding, open-hearted, fresh and alive. I share a wholistic approach to Yoga, and create a supportive, joyful and energising space for active seekers of wellbeing, curious beginners, and Yogis with an adventurous spirit. At its heart, Yoga offers us precious tools to live life fully – with more clarity, ease and joy… We begin to Awaken!

If you’re curious to know more, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me here. Or stay in touch via Instagram and Facebook, where I share simple daily inspiration on Living Yoga, as well as updates on all Yoga Nature’s Offerings. I’d love you to join me! • Namaste, Mardi