In gratitude to the students and generous souls who have shared some of their own ‘Seeds of Yoga’ Beginners Course experiences and insights…

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‘I feel excited and ready to embrace all that yoga offers…’

At the very first “Seeds of Yoga” class I knew that I’d found the instructor and class that I’d been looking for to begin my journey in yoga again.  Mardi’s warm and encouraging nature made me feel relaxed and open to exploration right from the start. 
The classes were well paced for beginners and I loved that along with the postures, that we explored gently, we also gained a greater insight into the practice and principles of yoga.  Mindfulness was encouraged from the beginning and from this I enjoyed the sharing of insights that we gained along the way. 
Mardi delivered the class with such joy and obvious passion.  It was truly a highlight of my week and I floated out of each class, my body feeling great and my mind peaceful.  Upon completion of the course I feel excited and ready to embrace all that yoga offers in more of Mardi’s classes. ~ TEENA GALLAGHER

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‘Such a refreshing experience…’

The Yoga Beginners Course has been such a refreshing experience, learning the positions first and also to understand the “why” made a big difference in my enjoyment potential of yoga.  I felt Mardi’s authentic, grounded nature ensured I had the best opportunity to really reconnect with “me” and I am very appreciative that the classes were based in a tranquil natural environment.  I look forward to attending further classes with Mardi. LANA

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For the next ‘Seeds of Yoga’ Beginners Course
Starting 17 May 2021
Monday nights | Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

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What a revelation it turned out to be…’

I recently joined Mardi’s Beginners Yoga Course with an open mind and no expectations. Having never before done Yoga I doubted my own ability to be able to ‘do or experience it meaningfully’. 
What a revelation it turned out to be and how supremely fortunate that I found such a beautiful spirit in Mardi, who with her gentle and caring nature was able to inspire a practice in me I didn’t know I was capable of.  
To learn to slow my body down, listen and connect with it, and quiet my busy mind are just some of the many benefits I derive from my time with Mardi. Really feels like a guilty pleasure; definitely one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself. JENNIFER KELLY
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…creates this shift in my energy that I’m ever grateful for.’

I’ve dabbled in yoga a few times over the past decade but never found a connection like the one I found in Mardi’s class. Just walking into the room and her calming presence creates this shift in my energy that I’m ever grateful for.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last six weeks, developing my understanding of the seeds of yoga and spirit of practice, including the Sanskrit terms. I also particularly appreciate Mardi’s effort to make each member of the class comfortable to both practice the asanas and to share our experiences.  My only regret is that the six weeks were over too quickly! STACEY

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About Mardi ~ I’m passionate about helping people reconnect with their essential Nature and the vibrant Source of Wellbeing, in ways that are grounding, open-hearted, fresh and alive. I share a wholistic approach to Yoga, and create a supportive, joyful and energising space for seekers of wellbeing, curious beginners, and Yogins with an adventurous spirit. At its heart, Yoga offers us precious tools to live life fully – with more clarity, ease and joy… We begin to Awaken!

If you’re curious to know more, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me here. • OM Shanti