Traditionally, Yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis – this created time and space for a deeper, ongoing understanding between teacher and student, and stable ground for the Seeds of Transformation to grow.

Private Yoga Sessions provide an opportunity to create a potent recipe for practice – unique to you and your needs. For the beginner, it can be an excellent way to embark on a journey into Yoga and a greater sense of health and Wellbeing. For those with some Yoga experience, a Private Session (or series of sessions), can rekindle the fire of practice, reminding us of the aliveness and joy within!

Quite often, this one-to-one guidance is all we need to establish a regular practice, and a way of exploring Yoga that suits our lifestyle. Most importantly, it can become a precious touchstone in Daily Life – providing us with the tools to approach each day with a greater sense of clarity and ease – no matter what is happening!

Wholistic and flexible

Mardi will work with you to create an integrated, wholistic Yoga practice that meets your specific needs, and is also flexible enough to grow and change over time.

There are many tools of Yoga (Seeds of Practice) to draw from, including:

  • Embodied Asana – Physical postures to enhance strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Pranayama – Subtle breath awareness practices to cultivate and sustain energy.
  • Meditation – Simple, effective techniques to live life with more awareness and a greater sense of peace.
  • Yoga Nidra – A wonderful tool for promoting deep, nourishing rest and relaxation.
  • Yogic and Buddhist Teachings – Simple, yet powerful Universal Truths for understanding ourselves, each other, and world in which we live.

While a single private session may be enough to open a window into Wellbeing – to experience the deeper benefits of this one-to-one guidance, it is beneficial to work together on an ongoing basis.

Creating space

Private Yoga Sessions are held in the comfort of your home, allowing you to absorb the benefits of the practice afterwards, (without having to use precious time travelling to and from each session). In this way, the essence and harmony of Yoga can be brought into your own personal space and the flow of daily life.

Private Session Options

Each Private Yoga Session runs for 1.5 hours. There are several options to choose from, including:

An initial or individual One-to-one Session

A Series of Sessions (booked in advanced) ~ Usually held on a weekly basis to explore and experience the deeper, ongoing benefits of Yoga.

Private Sessions for 2 people are also available.

If One-to one Yoga Sessions interest you, please contact Mardi here. Or feel free to get in touch on 0409 660 531

Om Shanti

I’m passionate about helping people reconnect with their essential Nature and the vibrant Source of Wellbeing, in ways that are grounding, open-hearted, fresh and alive. I share a wholistic approach to Yoga, and create a supportive, joyful and energising space for active seekers of wellbeing, curious beginners, and Yogis with an adventurous spirit. At its heart, Yoga offers us precious tools to live life fully – with more clarity, ease and joy… We begin to Awaken!

If you’re curious to know more, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me here. Or stay in touch via Instagram and Facebook, where I share simple daily inspiration on Living Yoga, as well as updates on all Yoga Nature’s Offerings. I’d love you to join me!