Yoga is Alive! An ever-flowering, unfolding practice that brings health to our Bodies, an ease to the Breath, clarity to our Minds and an openness, peace and harmony within our Hearts. Through the practice of Yoga, we begin to cultivate a deeper, more subtle Awareness within ourselves – and we realise that we are inherently connected with all of Life. We begin to experience the Heart of Yoga – our very Nature – the fresh, vibrant presence ‘That Is’. We begin to Awaken!

Most people begin Yoga to improve their health. Generally, this starts with the physical benefits – increased strength and flexibility; improved posture and balance; better breathing capacity and greater vitality. All of these contribute to produce a balanced flow of energy – creating a deeper sense of wellbeing.

This inherent sense of wellbeing naturally leads students to experience a greater ease and clarity within the mind, and emotions. In time, these transformative qualities of Yoga begin to take root in their daily lives – growing, flowering and unfolding. We naturally start to dive deeper into our practice of Yoga, and our relationship to all of Life.


By cultivating a deep, natural Awareness and mindfulness in all that we do, we begin to truly embrace and accept each moment of Life with understanding, compassion and equanimity. This is the essence of Meditation in action. We are then able to move towards living an authentic life, free from negative and destructive thought-patterns, feelings and past conditioning. Instead, a natural sense of ease, and quiet, joyful Aliveness arises and expands… Limitless, inspiring and ever fresh!

Through deep listening to this inherent wisdom within, and a spirit of open enquiry, we spontaneously begin to touch the Heart of Yoga. We begin to Awaken into the Aliveness itself – our true Nature!

Om Shanti

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