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Pranayama is the ultimate tool to energise the body – steady the mind – and access our Bliss!’*

Recently I had an inspiring after-class chat with students + friends… and our conversation flowed to the Yogic practice of Pranayama – ancient breathing techniques for energising and harmonising our entire Being. So, I thought I’d share a little about this essential ‘Seed of Practice’

The practice of Pranayama is beautiful and profound, and is one of the most essential and important cornerstones of Hatha Yoga. Generally, Pranayama can be defined as breathing practices, however, this does not convey it’s full meaning.

Prana mean vital energy or life force. Ayama is defined as extension or expansion. Therefore, Pranayama means extension or expansion of the dimension of Prana.**

We can access the subtle, energetic benefits of Pranayama
in various ways:
  • Simple, mindful, unrestricted breathing – feeling the natural flow of the breath;
  • Learning to synchronise the body with the breath – energising and free-flowing; and
  • A more in depth study and practice of the essential techniques and rhythms of classical Pranayama – a transformative and complete practice within itself!

These techniques can be explored and cultivated to harness or encourage the free-flow of Prana – and can be either calming or invigorating, depending on the intention of our Practice. As we open up to the transformative qualities of Pranayama, the vibration rises, and we begin to access Life’s most subtle energy – the Aliveness!

OM Shanti

(As promised, I’ll continue to post a little more about the essential elements of Yoga – what I call the ‘Seeds of Practice’ – From PRANAYAMA, through to practical Meditation, and beyond! x)

(Yoga Nature is dedicated to helping people reconnect with the essence of Wellbeing. Through Yoga, we explore ways to embrace the fullness of Life – by bringing health to our Body, an ease to our Breath, clarity to our Mind, and more openness and harmony into our Heart.)

Photo by Andrew: Sky Breathing ~ Girraween, 2009.

* Experiential wisdom from my precious Teacher, Clive Sheridan… Jai Maa!
** BKS Iyengar ‘Light on Pranayama’, sourced from Yoga Arts