YN_Thread of Creativity_mergeEver since I can remember, Creativity has always flowed freely through my life – expressing Herself in many ways. Over the years, I’ve come to know this limitless, creative source as Shakti

Through my own life’s journey (and the call of Yoga and Self enquiry), I’ve come to realise that She is the ever-present guiding force behind all that ‘I’ do. The alive thread. Challenging me and teaching me at the same time!

Following the thread – A little of my story

Like most children, I was a curious and keen observer of the world around me. I also had a deep love for all forms of creativity, and spent most of my early years immersed in drawing, reading and dancing. This eventually lead to three years studying design at Art College, where free expression, my natural curiosity and sense of open enquiry grew. This passion evolved into many years working in design.

Let your ‘past’ shine a light on the Now

Looking back now, I can see how that source of creative energy sparked and expressed itself literally through the wonders of childhood, and my ‘work’ as a conceptual Designer and Creative Director – but also, I see how it flowed more subtly, through every aspect and experience of my life. And it still does…

These days, that liberating sense of freedom and creative expression – the moments of spontaneous inspiration and freshness – is now manifesting in a different way, as it flows through my teaching and sharing of Yoga. That constant thread of Creativity, the Aliveness, is still here – still guiding and inspiring me, in every aspect of life… reconnecting me back to the Source.

YN_Thread of Creativity_flow

You too, are creative – Tapping into the Source

No matter where we are in life, we can all access and open up to Creativity – this expression of Aliveness! As we reconnect with this natural and limitless inspiration, we begin to watch it manifest and transform. We begin to recognise it as the constant, living thread – guiding us as we move through the many experiences and stories of our lives…

How does all of this relate to Yoga and the unique woven fabric of your daily life?

‘Put this design in your carpet!’*

One of Yoga’s ‘Daily Essentials’ for Wellbeing, is a Seed of Practice called Svadhyaya

In simple terms, Svadhyaya means studying the nature of the Self. Quite often, the practice of Yoga naturally encourages a ‘fine-tuning of our alertness’** – first, as a deeper awareness of our physical body, but more importantly, it leads to an understanding of the inner workings of our Mind, and how we relate to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

The essential ingredients for this awareness (the warp and weft), are a natural curiosity and an open mind.

As we move through each day, we can begin to explore Self enquiry as a simple, daily practice. Through the practice of awareness without judgement – only gentle, impartial observation – we slowly begin to see the many threads and habit patterns that make up our experience of daily life. In this way, real understanding starts to grow. We begin to see things more clearly – ‘as they truly are’.

With gentle, continuous dedication, and unwavering patience, this practice of Self enquiry, and awareness (or simple mindfulness), provides precious insights that reveal the true, underlying, ever-present thread of Aliveness – flowing within us, and through each and every moment. Constantly guiding and inspiring.

Explore Svadhyaya for yourself –
What makes you feel Alive?

When do you feel completely in the moment? Are there times in your life when you feel everything just seems to flow? When you intuitively know that you are part of the Whole – without force or effort?

How do you feel in those moments? Spacious? Open? Completely present? Content? Deeply Alive?

Whether it be listening to music, catching up with friends, gardening, parenting, or washing the dishes – from the joyful to the challenging, to the seemingly mundane – we can move through the precious moments of each day with this simple, liberating awareness and an open mind.

At times like these, you’re reconnecting with the source of Creativity. Shakti!

YN_Shakti Aliveness

Weaving sweet remembrance

When we’re totally awake and aware in the present moment – completely and effortlessly absorbed – then we are living in the natural flow. The Aliveness. And our life becomes entwined with the limitless thread of Creativity That Is. This is Yoga in action.

Om Shanti

How do you connect with the source of Creativity?
I’d love to hear from you!
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(Yoga Nature is dedicated to helping people reconnect with the essence of Wellbeing. Through Yoga, we explore ways to embrace the fullness of Life – by bringing health to our Body, an ease to our Breath, clarity to our Mind, and more openness and harmony into our Heart.)

These days, in addition to the constant thread of Yoga, Meditation and Self enquiry, my creative soul is exploring the world of traditional, handmade Indian and South East Asian textiles and Art, vintage Indian clothing, and the timeless films of Satyajit Ray.

Photography and art by Mardi:  The spontaneous flow of Creativity ~ Painting with lantern light, glowing in an ancient banyan tree. In the Bhava following a 3 week Yoga and Meditation retreat in the foothills of the Western Ghats, on my travels in India 2011. ‘Artistry’ line ~ from a poem by Rumi.

* ‘Put this design in your carpet’ extract from a poem by Rumi.
** Experiential wisdom from my precious teacher, Clive Sheridan. Jai Maa!