Immersed in India ~ My journey so far…


Namaste! After a month in Mother India’s embrace, I finally have time and space to reconnect with the wider world.

It’s often impossible to capture in words the moments and experiences from my ongoing journey within ~ and my travels so far through this amazing land. However, I also know these moments don’t need to be ‘captured’. They’re spontaneous, and over in an instant. Becoming part of life’s flow. Such is the paradox of wanting to connect and share! Sweet, profound, and often challenging, perhaps these stories will naturally emerge in more detail over time. So, for now here are a few simple vignettes from my journey so far…

31 January, 2014
Morning meditation ~ under the Banyan Tree




Just back from a blissful (and challenging) three week Yoga retreat in the forest. Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Nature and Silence. As my dear Teacher says ‘Delving deeply into matters of the Heart and Mind…’ Tomorrow I travel by train to a small temple in Karnataka, a place which is dear to my Heart. My South India journey begins…


6 February, 2014
Sunrise, sunset, and moments in between

This morning, after a hot five hour train ride, I arrived at a small but shanti guesthouse on a quiet beach in north Kerala. I’d travelled from a village in South India, which is home to the Devi (Goddess) in one of her many forms. Surrounded by lush forests and beneath a sacred mountain, the temple and nature are full of the Aliveness. Vibrating with the essence of Adiparasakthi.




Early mornings and evenings were spent in the ancient temple, soaking up the beautiful energy. Devotion (Bhakti) is everywhere… On the way to the temple I’d buy a simple flower garland (Mala) for my hair. Tiny white jasmine blossoms, fragrant, cooling and refreshing to wear. India is full of many sweet rituals like these… Day walks in the jungle. Swimming under the waterfall with a rainbow shimmering in the golden light at it’s base, I was lulled into a quiet space. Magical!


A few days ago, I saw the sun rise over a sacred mountain. Yesterday, I saw the sun set over the ocean! Precious moments in the embrace of life. Now looking forward to some quiet days on the coast of Kerala, with the breeze, the ocean, and time with my Beloved… and, of course, mySelf. Every moment is Yoga.

OM Shanti
Mardi x