Yoga Nature’s Immersions, Retreats and Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into your Practice – allowing time and space to explore the Heart of Yoga – and yourself.

When we choose to give ourselves this precious time, we are creating space for understanding and self inquiry to grow, and wellbeing to flower. We refresh and rejuvenate ourselves – reconnecting to a deeper clarity and sense of peace.
Throughout the year, Mardi offers Immersions, Beginner’s Courses, Workshops and Retreats that invite you to reconnect with your centre – and awaken into a deeper place of wellbeing – of body, breath, mind and heart.

YN_Beginners Course Lotus Yantra

Yoga Nature Offerings ~ Spring 2019


Dive into the Aliveness!

Explore and deepen your own authentic Yoga Sadhana, in the heart of Mother Nature – through the fluid, embodied wisdom of Asana, Meditation, Breath (Pranayama), Self Inquiry and simple Presence. 

I’m excited to be offering another Immersion Series – starting Sunday 13 October 2019. We’ll be practising surrounded by Nature, at my home in Brookfield (Brisbane). If you’re a curious Yogin with an adventurous spirit, I’d love you to join me!

• REGISTRATION IS OPEN / And places are starting to fill •

If this resonates with you, CLICK HERE to find out more!

~ OM Shanti, Mardi ~

YN_Beginners Course Lotus Yantra

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