All Yoga Nature Classes evolve from the seeds of classical Hatha Yoga.
In each class, students explore a wholistic approach – integrating an energising, yet balanced blend of embodied Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (subtle breath awareness), Meditation and deep relaxation (Savasana). This allows for freedom within the flow and focus of each class – ensuring an aliveness that is always fresh!

Classes are taught with an emphasis on deep and natural alignment principles and the cultivation and free-flow of subtle energy to develop strength and flexibility – opening the Body, Breath and Mind.

A Yoga Nature Class is inclusive and non-competitive. Variations for Asana (postures) are provided where needed, to ensure all students experience the many benefits and transformative qualities of their practice – and feel these qualities flow into their daily lives.

Importantly, throughout the class, students are invited to explore and cultivate a deeper, more subtle Awareness – of Body, Breath and Mind. When we practice mindfully, we begin to experience the Heart of Yoga – our very Nature – the vibrant presence within!

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