Yoga Nature_Guru Purnima light

That is Whole, This is Whole.
Wholeness manifests from Wholeness.
Take Wholeness away from Wholeness,
Wholeness yet remains.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

I’m offering these ancient, sacred Sanskrit words on Guru Purnima – the full moon day that is dedicated to our Gurus. Our precious Teachers.


Purna means Full, Infinite, Whole, Complete. Tonight, the fullness of the moon brings me back to my Dear Ones, and their limitless Grace. It reminds me of their luminous, Universal message – We are already Whole. We are enough. There is no separation…

The moon itself is a beautiful metaphor for this underlying, all pervading Wholeness. Although to our eyes, this heavenly body seems to move through different phases of visibility, we know that in actual fact it’s always complete. Whole. In and of itself. It is forever shining the fullness of its light.


On this Guru Purnima, I dedicate myself and these words to Adi Parashakti and my precious Teacher and guides on the path. They are All One. May their eternal Grace, Love and Wisdom continue to dispel the darkness, remove the veils, and shine the Light. Illuminating That which is Everything.
To Awakening. Everywhere.
Jai Maa!

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Image by Andrew: Guru Purnima ~ Shining the Light.