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The natural world is one of our greatest teachers. It invites us to reconnect. It reminds us of our true Nature. If we take time out to be with, and in Nature, we rest quietly in the simplicity of Life being lived all around us. Growing, flowering, transforming. We begin to feel the embrace of peace and harmony that is always within us.

As my dear Teacher says, Nature ‘sparks the delight that is already within us’, opening our hearts and minds to Her limitless wonders! When we rest our awareness and entire Being in Nature’s lap, we also access a deeper place within ourselves – and awaken into our ever-present connection with all of Life. Our Yoga Nature…


Spring has finally arrived here in Australia, and I’m loving the warmer weather. There’s something optimistic about the change of season that inspires. I live in the bush, surrounded by Nature, and it really is a sanctuary. A place of peace… and aliveness!

A few weeks ago, my beloved and I decided to stay out overnight in a small tent down by our creek. The place we chose was amongst the young rainforest we lovingly planted many years before… As evening turned into night, we were surprised and delighted to be surrounded by fireflies! Nature’s delicate light show, floating gently just above the forest floor. Lying there so close to the earth, surrounded by the forest and silently mesmerised by this magical display, I felt a deep sense of belonging. Of truly being ‘home’.

Waking up in Mother Nature’s lap on the first morning of Spring was an absolute joy! Such a deeply grounding experience, and a beautiful way to welcome this season of growth and renewal…


One of the most powerful, beautiful and immediate ways we can connect with the essence of Yoga and this deeper source of Wellbeing, is by immersing ourselves in Nature. Where in Nature do you feel the most grounded or alive? Is it in the garden at home? By the Ocean? Walking in the forest? Watching the sunrise?

Does this Seed of Practice resonate with you? What are your own experiences of Nature and Yoga? You can get in touch with me here. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Om Shanti

Over time, I’ll be sharing a little more about the essential elements of Yoga – what I call the ‘Seeds of Practice’ – From Nature and embodied Asana (physical postures), through to practical Meditation, Svadhyaya (Self enquiry) and beyond… From the Yogic perspective, real understanding can only arise through direct experience. By exploring Yoga’s Seeds of Practice, we not only improve our health and wellbeing, we can also access a deeper place within ourselves – and awaken into our connection with all of Life.

(Image: Waking up in the rainforest, down by our creek. Photo by Andrew).