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There is a way of doing yoga poses (Asana) without the slightest effort. Movement is the song of the body. Yes, the body has its own song from which the movement of dancing arises spontaneously. In other words, the liberation of the upper body (the head, neck, arms, shoulders and trunk) produced by the acceptance of gravity in the lower body (legs, feet, knees, and hips) is the origin of lightness, and dancing is its expression.
This song, if you care to listen to it, is beauty. We could say that it is a part of nature. We sing when we are happy and the body goes with it like waves in the sea.

~ Vanda Scaravelli


It’s all the dance of Yoga! Today I’m inspired to share the timeless embodied wisdom of Vanda Scaravelli ~ from her classic book Awakening the Spine. As she gently reminds us: ‘Yoga must not be practised to control the body… it must bring FREEDOM to the body, all the freedom it needs.’

Jai Maa!

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(Image: The song of the body ~ Nataraja-inspired temple dancer. Her movements and mudras centuries old, but still spontaneous and very much alive! Beauty expressed in stone. Photo by Andrew, taken on our visit to the 1000 year old Brihadishwara Temple, Tamil Nadu India, 2014).