Yoga Nature_The journey Home

Dear Yogis and Friends, Last week I arrived home… with vivid memories of my India Yatra (Pilgrimage) still alive in the heart. Deepest love and gratitude to my teachers, friends and family in India, for your inspiration, kindness and love… once again illuminating the way… and Namaste to you all, wherever you are!

It’s often impossible to capture in words the moments and experiences from my ongoing journey within, during my 2 and a half months exploring and absorbing the wonders and insights of Mother India. However, I also know these moments don’t need to be ‘captured’. They’re spontaneous, and over in an instant. Becoming part of life’s flow. Such is the paradox of wanting to connect and share! Sweet, profound, and often challenging, perhaps these stories will naturally emerge in more detail over time…

Until then, may the joys of Yoga continue to shine a Light!
Om Shanti + Love,

Mardi_Delhi 2Mardi (Yoga Nature) is dedicated to helping people reconnect with the essence of Wellbeing. Through Yoga, we explore ways to embrace the fullness of Life – by bringing health to our Body, an ease to our Breath, clarity to our Mind, and more openness and harmony into our Heart. We begin to Awaken!
Image by Andrew: From darkness to Light ~ Palace archway, Tanjore, South India 2014