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Quite often, as we move into a New Year, we can place unnecessary pressure on ourselves to ‘improve’, to set resolutions and goals based on what we think we should do. We actively ‘Decide’ rather than simply ‘Allow’.

When we allow, we stay open to the creation of precious and much needed space for inspiration to naturally arise – freely and of its own accord. In the spirit of allowing, we give ourselves gentle permission to wait and see. We step aside (for a while) from the role of the ‘Doer’, into the place of ‘Receiver’. We open ourselves up to inviting something deeper to take shape – to guide us.

This inner wisdom (or intuition) doesn’t need to be esoteric, or world-changing. Quite often, it is so simple yet full of clarity, that it surprises us with it’s depth and truth…

It can be these simple, sweet moments of insight that begin to show us the way – pointing us in a direction that is in harmony with our deeper sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is Yoga in action.


So… First, we need to Exhale…
We need to let go, in order for the natural Inhalation (and Inspiration) to arise. To allow something new and fresh to bubble up from the Source…

To explore this, find a peaceful place in nature – maybe in the garden, or by the ocean – and sit or lie down quietly. Make sure you are completely comfortable and relaxed. For those of you who practice Yoga, rest down in Savasana.

Allow yourself to relax deeply. To ‘Exhale’ physically, mentally and emotionally.
Let go of the Body. Let go of the Mind.
Let go of thoughts of the past, and let go of any expectations for the future.

Instead, just Exhale…. Deep and long.
Exhale fully…. Exhale joyfully….

And then, you are free to spontaneously Inhale… To be Inspired…

In time, as we explore this practice, we increase our natural ability to simply allow and receive. We stay open and awake to the small but clear insights that will inevitably arise, and we begin to live and breathe in harmony with the flow of Life!

Wishing you clarity and inspiration with each full, joyful Breath in 2015.
OM Shanti  ~  Mardi

(The following insights arose during a particularly deep Savasana several years ago. I hope they resonate with you in some way!)

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Photo by Mardi: Gayatri Sunrise ~ on top of Kodachadri, India 2012