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In daily life, have you ever felt like you ‘can’t keep up’ that you’re not ‘doing’ enough? That the big picture of life never seems to be fully complete, perfect, or whole?

I have. (And often still do!) At times like these, it’s good to stop. Take a breath, and gently remind ourselves that we actually are enough. We don’t need to look too hard, to simply and quietly discover there is a quality of ‘Enoughness’ in the moments that matter. In the simple things Like being aware of your breath, laughing with friends, hugging your child, or preparing a meal with love. Even in the difficult moments…

The very fact you are Alive, is more than enough.


Our exploration of Yoga – on and off the mat – provide many tools for a constant meditation on ‘Enoughness’.  These tools of Yoga, or Seeds of Practice, will both challenge and support us – shining a light on the fine balance between effort and effortlessness. In that sweet place in-between lies harmony, contentment and the quality of wholeness or ‘Enoughness’.

In this place, there is no right or wrong. No judgement. No grasping or pushing away. Just a simple, quiet acknowledgement of What Is. Suchness. Wholeness.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we give up on our plans and quiet aspirations. That we become passive bystanders in life. That we don’t care. Instead, Yoga invites us to notice and observe… It encourages us to witness and acknowledge our thoughts, habit patterns, ‘stories’ and judgements about ourselves, our interactions and life situtation. The practice of Yoga helps us to move beyond the mind-stuff, and rest back into the simple things. Again and again. To reconnect with the source of Wholeness.

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Whether we’re new to Yoga, or are more experienced, our exploration ‘on the mat’ provides the perfect opportunity to practice the art of ‘Enoughness’. In fact, it’s on the mat where we can be challenged the most! Physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga certainly shines a light on our Body-Mind – exposing our discomfort, mental habit patterns, judgements and expectations. No matter how long we’ve been exploring Yoga, we all still come across difficult and challenging Asana or Pranayama rhythms. Or we may be sitting for meditation with a wandering, chattering mind… One thing’s for certain, every day is different! That’s what I love about Yoga. Each time we come to the mat (with awareness and most importantly, kindness), we’re giving ourselves a precious opportunity to practice acceptance and ‘Enoughness’.

Yoga gently teaches us the liberating power of seeing things as they are – and accepting that moment as complete, whole and enough. Because, in that moment, that’s the simple truth of What Is! In the here and now. In time, our practice of Yoga on the mat – and the insights it brings – naturally starts to flow into our daily life…


There’s no doubt that modern daily life can be incredibly challenging! Not getting through everything on my ‘to-do’ list. Not achieving my ‘goals’ fast enough. Not ‘keeping up’ at home. Feeling a sense of lack… All of these concepts and thoughts point towards (and, unfortunately, help feed) an underlying, non-specific feeling of dissatisfaction.

During times like these, it can be helpful to simplify and break things down. From a place of kindness, we can shift our focus from concept (what we’re telling ourselves), to reality – by reconnecting with the simple things. In this way, we learn to stop, observe and appreciate a simple truth in that moment or scenario. As we start to explore this practice in daily life, we begin to identify times during the day where we can really touch that simple, but deep wholeness within the task we’re doing – and also within ourselves.


Preparing a meal – either for ourselves, our family or friends – is a nourishing (and practical) way to meditate upon wholeness. Rather than seeing it as another chore or mechanical task for the day (along with its associated concepts and mind-stuff), change your perspective. Look at it as something that is whole, complete and enough – in and of itself. More than most tasks in life, preparing a meal is worthy of our attention and care, because it nourishes and supports us (and those we love), both physically and emotionally. Not only that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Every day!

Take the time. Lovingly give yourself over to the task. Allow yourself to rest into what you’re doing Here and Now. In the preparing and the enjoying! It mightn’t seem like much – but in that moment, it’s more than enough! That’s the beauty and wholeness of Yoga…

OM Shanti ~ Mardi

How do you tap into the quality of ‘Enoughness’? What connects you to Wholeness? I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me here or via Instagram + Facebook.

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