Cicadas and Silence


Cicadas and Silence

The rhythmic rise and fall of the cicadas’ song
in the littoral rainforest as it hugs the ocean.

Like a deep, long out-breath. Then pause. Rechaka. Bahya Kumbhaka.
Breathing in. Deep and long. Then again, the long out-breath of vibration.
The song in praise, in dedication,
in natural harmony with Life, and the rhythms of the world.
Their world. My world.

Ancient breath-song. In unison. Singing as One.

It lulls me into a place of calm. Ease. Contentment. Peace.
And beyond, I can now hear the sound of the ocean,
just beyond these ancient dunes in front of me.
So near.

Another rhythmic, eternal in-breath and out-breath.
Echoing the Cicada’s song.

Thursday, 3 January 2013
Camping by the ocean, Smokey Cape

Photo by Andrew: Cicada and sand. Dissolving into One.